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Next Generation Energy Storage Pilot

next-gen-iconBy installing a PV and battery system, you can!be among the first to kick-start this change and contribute to a sustainable future, both locally and globally.

The ACT is already leading the renewable energy revolution and is on track to achieve 100% renewable electricity by 2020.

ITP Renewables is one of three renewable energy firms to have been selected by the ACT!Government to deliver their Next Generation Renewables Energy Storage Pilot. The Pilot creates a very exciting opportunity for ACT households and businesses to join the energy revolution created by the advent of!affordable battery storage!

About the ACT Government Next Generation Energy Storage Pilot

The ACT Government plans to support the roll-out of 36 megawatts of energy storage to across more than 5,000 Canberra homes and
businesses by 2020.

This Pilot is the beginning of that plan. The ACT Government is providing $600,000 to support the first wave of battery installations.
A key objective of the Pilot is to generate valuable real-world data on energy storage system costs and performance. This data will be analysed to identify opportunities to improve consumer outcomes and uptake rates for energy storage businesses.

Households and businesses participating in the Pilot will not only benefit from the support of the ACT Government, but will be participating in critically important research that will speed up the transition to renewable energy, both locally and globally.

Download the information booklet for more information on the Next Generation Energy Storage Pilot (PDF)

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